Published Work

Here’s a portfolio of my writing for your perusal. Beyond the publications listed here, my work has been featured on The Colbert Report; I’ve discussed it on WBUR-Boston (NPR); read from it by invitation at AWP; and it’s been republished by The Huffington PostThe Rumpus, and RealClearScience. I’ve also been interviewed about it by writers for Cosmopolitan and Fortune. Thanks for reading!

Magazine Writing 

The Marketable Misogyny of James Bond, for JSTOR Daily

Stanley Fish’s Academic Clickbait, for JSTOR Daily

Happy Valentine’s Day! OkCupid’s Matching Algorithm Doesn’t Work, for JSTOR Daily

Reopening The X-Files: Is Telepathy Possible?, for JSTOR Daily

I ❤️ Physics: A Love Story, for JSTOR Daily

Let Panpsychism Expand Your Mind, for JSTOR Daily

Should Sperm Donors Have Visitation Rights?, for JSTOR Daily

My Halloween Ritual: The History of a Coping Mechanism (on death, cheating, and my obsessive relationship with Donnie Darko), in Under the Gum Tree

Do You Believe in Ghosts? (in defense of Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar), for The Morning News

Before It Was Cool: What I Learned at the Hipster Sex Party, for Salon

A Genetic “Minority Report:” How Corporate DNA Testing Could Put Us at Risk, for Salon

The Real Reason Law Schools Are Raking in Cash, for Salon

Computer Grading Will Destroy Our Schools, for Salon

Why the SAT Can’t “Democratize” Harvard, for The Baffler

A Surprising Benefit of the Common Core: Really Cool Video Games, for The Atlantic

Will MOOCs Ever Replace a College Education?, for The Atlantic

The Morbid Fascination with the Death of the Humanities, for The Atlantic

Science and Math Don’t Have to Be Practical to Be Worthwhile, for The Atlantic

Newspaper Columns

Dartmouth’s Alcohol Ban Is a Symbolic Half-Measure, for The Boston Globe

ISTJ? ENFP? Careers Hinge on a Scientifically Dubious Personality Test, for The Boston Globe

Book Reviews

What Happens When the Sappiness of The Bachelor Meets the Plotting of Inception?, for PopMatters

Academic Papers

The Politics of the Inner: Why The Dark Knight Rises Is Not a Conservative Allegory, in The Journal of Popular Culture 

Conference Presentations

Moderator, “The Morbid Fascination with the Death of the Humanities,” Panel Discussion at SUNY Critical Issues in Higher Education Conference (2016)

The Tongue-in-Cheek Chauvinist Pig: On the Weirdly Ironic Gender Politics of J. J. Abrams’ Star Trek: Into Darkness, at the Popular Culture Association annual conference (2014)

Cultural Concepts of Parenthood in Termination-of-Parental-Rights Appeals, at the Popular Culture Association annual conference (2012)